Drone Use

In recent years, drones and drone technology have become more prevalent in environmental industries, and the use of drone imagery is becoming standard for many types of projects. ESRI, Google Earth, and other providers are not able to provide imagery detailed enough for us make any specific observations about plant communities, soil conditions, up-to-date details of a landscape after fires and floods, as well as newly constructed projects details.

Spatial Analysis

The demonstration above was derived from Oakum Solutions' high quality drone imagery, which was used to produce a three-dimensional digital elevation model (DEM), contour lines (1 meter resolution or better), and a slope analysis model. These data can be overlaid and compared to assist with a wide range of analyses. For this project, we were able to quantify the fill of the sediment basin and give our client accurate volume calculations.


Drone Flyover of Construction Site

Video of Volume Calculations

3D Models of Small Objects Using Photogrammetry